What is a Rakafuki Friend?

The Rakafuki Friends project is an experiment in using fun design to help kids (and adults) engage with the abstract concept of energy efficiency. Each "friend" is a super-efficient LED light bulb, dressed up as a pig, chicken, or kangaroo. They're cool and collectible. We hope kids get excited and learn the benefits of energy efficiency. We also hope they persuade their families and neighbors to give it a try. Families will start saving energy and money. The Rakafuki Friends promote energy efficiency by emphasizing joy and imagination rather than fear. Kids don't need to fret about global warming, they just need to play with a paper pig.

Where did the Rakafuki Friends come from?

The idea was originated by Brian Dougherty, one of the founders of Celery Design Collaborative. Brian's daughter is a third grader at Rosa Parks Elementary. She came up with the name and wrote the theme song. Several designers at Celery helped develop the project, especially Stephanie Welter, who created dozens of prototype packages and designed this web site.

New Leaf Paper has generously donated beautiful Everest 100% post-consumer paper for the packaging.

Are LED light bulbs expensive?

LED bulbs last far longer than other bulbs, and use far less energy to produce equivalent light. They may cost more up front, but can save big money in the long run. A single LED bulb can save hundreds of dollars over its lifespan.